Chivas USA Steps Up its Campaign in Santa Ana

Club Deportivo Chivas USA is stepping up its marketing campaign in Downtown Santa Ana after receiving a warm reception from Downtown Inc. As mentioned in a previous post, Downtown Inc. has been actively and openly supportive of bringing the MLS club to Santa Ana, potentially into Eddie West Field at Santa Ana Stadium.

The club will have a booth at 4th and Spurgeon streets all of this week in anticipation of this Saturday’s Superclásicowith their rival club, the LA Galaxy. The Chivas USA and LA Galaxy youth clubs will face off on the same day at Santa Ana Stadium at 5 pm according to

Part of the savings comes courtesy of Downtown Inc. With these acts of goodwill on behalf of Downtown Inc. and the City, will the club act accordingly and reciprocate? There is hardly a better town and a more suitable place for this club in Southern California, especially since their intent is to stay in the LA region.

via Chivas USA Steps Up its Campaign in Santa Ana.


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