Review: Winds FC vs Moreno Valley FC

Santa Ana Winds FC fell to defending USASA Region IV Champion, Moreno Valley FC on Sunday afternoon, April 30th at Silverlakes Soccer Park in Norco, CA.

Winds FC’s comeback performance of their last Cal South State Cup match vs Strikers South Coast fell well short this time. Santa Ana found themselves down 2-0 in the first half vs Mo Val, but lacked enough team cohesion and chemistry to pull off another comeback.

Winds FC played to their individual strengths, but seemingly relied too heavily on them. In contrast, Moreno Valley looked like the more disciplined unit, sticking to their shape and weathering Santa Ana’s creativity early on.

The first 10 minutes belonged to Santa Ana, with 2-3 close goal scoring chances created, but Mo Val held and struck on a counterattack in the 25th min. Mo Val added to that at the end of the first half.

With the score 2-0 to start the 2nd half, Winds FC struggled to generate danger. Too often Winds FC were generating attacks individually with hardly any triangulation and accompaniment. A number of imprecise passes and turnovers in the midfield compounded their problems, allowing Mo Val to settle in and control the pace of the match, while sticking to their shape on possession.

Winds FC ends their participation in the Cal South Adult State Cup, while Moreno Valley FC goes on to defend their title against LA Wolves, who won their match vs San Pedro in overtime, 4-1.

Next match: Anaheim Legacy, UPSL play, May 6, 6 pm.


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