The Final Say on Chivas USA

Update – This is the latest from the Major League Soccer website:

Chivas USA have confirmed to that club owners are in active conversations with multiple communities in Los Angeles regarding a potential new home for the Goats, who currently share the Home Depot Center with the LA Galaxy.

“There are a lot of cities asking for us to move and we’re evaluating that, but it’s going to take some time and right now, we’re focusing on playing here this year,” co-owner Antonio Cué told from the HDC. “We will study all the locations and when we are ready to make a move then we’ll let everyone know. We’re not ready now though because all of [the cities] seem to be pretty good.

“But we’re obviously talking to a lot of cities that are all within LA and there is nothing outside of LA County,” he added.

There you have it. The co-owner is bent on staying in LA county and won’t go the route of the Los Angeles Rams or the Los Angeles Angels. Then there’s the Los Angeles Blues that play at Cal State Fullerton. Never mind that Santa Ana is in the Los Angeles basin and defines Greater Los Angeles: Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana. But you can’t blame the guy, he’s not originally from the LA area and his sporting organization, from the top down, is still struggling to find a sense of place and identity.

It should be noted that the LA-based Spanish language newspaper, La Opinión, also published a similar story about them wanting to keep the association with Los Angeles and not San Diego or apparently, anything outside of LA county.


Nos vamos a quedar con su casa.” This translates to, “We’re going to take over their home field.” These were the words of Chivas USA co-owner Jorge Vergara regarding the LA Galaxy and their home field, the Home Depot Center in Carson, when Chivas unveiled its arrival in Los Angeles and Major League Soccer in 2004. Did he know of something looming on the horizon, like Farmers Field? Did he expect the Galaxy to eventually call Farmers Field home? Possibly. It is also possible that the Galaxy may move into Farmers Field, but still, everything is a hypothetical scenario. There is still no guarantee that Farmers Field will get built but if it does, it is very possible that the Galaxy may move in there given that the stadium developer, Anschutz Entertainment Group, owns the Galaxy.

Everything may be dependent on what decision is made in Los Angeles. It could very well be that any decision or announcement to move on behalf of Chivas USA is stalled due to what LA city council decides on Farmers Field. If the Downtown LA NFL stadium is not built then there is more incentive for Chivas USA to look to build a stadium somewhere in the LA region. The question that the owners of Chivas USA must be asking themselves is, “Do we want to continue leasing a stadium from AEG and the Galaxy?”

It is most certain that the Galaxy won’t fill Farmers Field if they move there but looking at things objectively, they can probably get their average attendance to around 35,000 or near (maybe above?) Seattle’s 36,000.

In the meantime rumors are flying about a deadline given to Santa Ana city council to make a decision concerning a move. The whole region may get an answer by summer’s end because Phil Anschutz, owner of the company proposing the NFL stadium in Downtown LA, also gave the Los Angeles city council until July 31st to make a decision on the NFL stadium.

It all seemingly boils down to this: Farmers Field gets built, the Galaxy moves in and Chivas plays its games at the HDC in Carson..


Farmers Field gets built, the Galaxy stays at the HDC, Chivas breaks its business ties with AEG, which is the company that owns the HDC and the Galaxy, and builds and finances its own stadium somewhere in the LA region. The club has certainly been testing the possibility of Santa Ana.

There are other potential scenarios but there has been enough speculation on a move to Santa Ana already, on both the pro and con sides. This has been the Sentinel’s final say on Chivas USA, until a new development comes up, if ever.

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Update: Chivas USA

Just as I predicted, the pot is being stirred concerning a move to Downtown Los Angeles by the LA Galaxy, but, it turns out that Chivas USA is also testing the area. There is a real possibility that Chivas USA might move to the Downtown LA or Coliseum area.

There are two other options that Chivas USA may call home, which are the Pomona Fairplex and the Home Depot Center. Earlier today I got word from a Chivas USA insider that Pomona was a real possibility. This survey done by Major League Soccer affirms what I was told.

Why mention this in the Santa Ana Sentinel? Because this all but confirms that the club won’t be coming here. There are three options being tested and Santa Ana is not one of them.

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Domene Acknowledges Talks with Santa Ana

Chivas USA General Manager José Domene admitted to Major League Soccer’s official website that the club has talked with Santa Ana. The Santa Ana Register reported not too long ago that Domene had no information concerning “formal negotiations” with Santa Ana. The Register did include one of Domene’s statements where he said, “If formality means putting things in writing on what a potential project could be, then I would say yes. “We’ll consider their bid, their options, just like we’ll consider everyone else.”

This is no indicator of a commitment on behalf of the club to move here. This is only a verification of talks, which are still not advanced. The club is still studying options besides Santa Ana, including Pomona and possibly the LA Coliseum area.

Read the original post here. Read the discussion between Andrew Galvin of the Santa Ana Register and José Domene here.


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Major League Soccer’s Market Building Efforts in Santa Ana

A number of advertisements for the MLS cup final appeared in Santa Ana in the last week. A large ad was placed on the entrance to MainPlace mall and the Olde Ship, an official LA Galaxy pub, was decorated with MLS cup announcements.

An MLS Cup ad at Westfield MainPlace in Santa Ana

It seems clear now that MLS and or the Galaxy is taking Santa Ana’s market potential seriously. And looking at things objectively, these ads, even if they’re at a Galaxy pub, are good for a potential Chivas USA move here.

An MLS Cup ad at The Olde Ship in Santa Ana

Yes, Santa Ana has its Galaxy fans, many of them hang out at Memphis downtown and these would surely love to see their team visit the city.

Is MLS preparing the way or testing the area for a possible Chivas USA move? Maybe, just maybe.

Santa Ana seems like a very likely destination not only for Chivas USA but also for MLS because of the proximity to Disneyland, the Angels and the Ducks. This makes this part of Greater Los Angeles very attractive.

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Open Letter to Opponents of a Potential Chivas USA Move to Santa Ana

This is written in response to someone named Tim Rush, who is the most vocal, active and visible opponent to a Chivas USA move here. His letter to the OC Register is available here.

1. First you suggest that a stadium for Chivas USA would be better in LA because there are more Latinos there, compared to Santa Ana and Anaheim combined. But what about the rest of OC’s Latino populations? Or those in cities near the LA / OC border. Do you think they won’t come to watch a game in Santa Ana? Are all Angel fans from Orange County?

2. To say that a stadium in Santa Ana would be “Orange County’s version of the LA Coliseum” is a gross and devious exaggeration. I want you, Tim Rush, to tell me how many soccer stadiums in Major League Soccer are the size of the coliseum.

3. You left out Harbor Boulevard and conveniently chose to use Fairview and Bristol as examples. For those coming from LA county, exiting off of the 22 to Harbor will get them to the proposed site in 5 minutes. I know because I drove that route specifically to find out how long it would take.

4. Your writing suggests that all expenses are passed onto the city. Look at all of the sponsors that Chivas USA has.

5. Most devious of your comments is your hinting at potential violence happening here through your example of what happened at Dodger stadium. This is a deliberate and devious scare tactic.

6. I almost believe that you are well-intentioned and that you wouldn’t mind having a stadium off of the 55 (where exactly?), but still, you hint at violence as if it were inevitable and you turned this into a race issue by saying that there are more Latinos in LA so a new Chivas USA stadium should go there. You’ve exaggerated in your comments thus poking holes in your own argument.